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THESIS writing in Nepal seems to be a hard nut to crack for many university students and researchers. No doubt, they require a great deal of patience, research skills, writing proficiency as well as analytic expertise for such writing. However, finding a relevant body of literature is equally important. Especially for the beginners, it is always a challenge. We have seen that they visit libraries and resource centers or send out emails to their colleagues and teachers or google the internet.

Are you writing your thesis or guiding/supervising theses or helping you students and colleagues carry out research? You must be looking for some useful resources especially some sample theses related to your topic. To ease your task of researching, Choutari has brought you a resource link (click here or see the url below) from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, that can be a good resource for language teaching scholarship in general and writing theses in particular.

Since this is an open access source, it can be accessed freely from anywhere and all you need is internet access. The beauty of sharing this link is—you can download the theses as most of them are downloadable. We hope you will find it useful. The link to the source is:

Acknowledgments: We’re grateful to Bal Krishna Sharma for researching the source link and forwarding to Choutari. -Eds.


One Response to Resources for Researchers

  1. Samjhana Pradhan says:

    Indeed useful but ELT resources from the Asian countries would have been more beneficial

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