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this page will contain annotated links to ELT journals, books, and other forms of scholarship (not blogs and other interactive forums); it focuses on more “scholarly” materials for researchers/scholars in the field

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Reading in a Foreign Language

Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language- Electronic Journal (TESL-EJ)

Asian EFL Journal

Electronic Journal of E-learning

Journal of English as an International Language

The Asian ESP Journal

Language Learning and Technology

Journal of Computer Mediated Communication

The Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (CALICO)

Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education

Technology Journals

The Reading Matrix


Journal of Academic Language and Learning


Internet TESL Journal

Working Papers in TESOL and Applied Linguistics

Working papers in applied linguistics at the University of Hawaii at Manoa


Teaching Critical Literacy in English Classroom

-Bal Krishna Sharma

Thank you for vising this blog and and this resource section.

This resource is for teaching critical literacy in English classrooms– an important aspect of localizing English teaching practices. The materials and lessons shared here were designed to fulfill requirements for one of Bal Krishna Sharma’s courses– Localizing TESOL– at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. All these materials and lessons are based on a theme “Issues in Nepalese Society” and they address the teaching items (grammar, vocabulary and other language functions) in the high school Grade 9 English textbook. I have designed these materials approximately for three lessons consisting of 60 minutes each—totaling three hours. I have included the news reports, articles, and pictures and videos that go with the chosen themes. The purpose of these materials is not replace but to supplement the existing textbook materials with the new materials,  lessons and activities of my own design. Download and read introduction and background for designing those materials by clicking below. Please also note that I have posted the same materials in my personal blog in order to encourage the flow of readers who might find the resources useful for their purpose.


The materials can be used to teach the following three lessons:

Lesson 1- Domestic Child Labor

Lesson 2-Men and Women in Education

Lesson 3- Marriage and Dowry Practice

Download all three Lessons

I have designed these materials keeping in mind of the background of English teachers and students in Nepal. However, interested teachers can adopt and adapt these materials according to their needs.

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  1. Robin Blackett says:

    Thanks Bal Krishna Sharma, I am currently taking classes towards a Master’s in TESOL online at Murray State College in Kentucky. I work at the University of Louisville Writing Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Hope you can put me on your mailing list. Thanks, Robin

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