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All new blog posts should be submitted to neltachoutari at gmail dot com as attachment in MS Word with a subject line: New Blog Post. In the email, please provide 1-2 sentence information about yourself, including your name and institutional affiliation, plus an image (unless you prefer not to have your image in the post).

Especially if you are submitting your first blog post, please review GUIDELINES FOR CONTRIBUTORS on this page. In particular, please make your writing quick/easy and engaging to read.

If you are interested, we elaborate those tips on the page titled HOW TO WRITE. Additionally, for writers who are still considering what to write about, we have described a few effective entries from the past on THIS PAGE.

Your submission will be received as an email by the editors. We will contact you via the email provided for any editing/revision on your submission.

2 Responses to Submit Your Post

  1. Ram Kaji Lakai Khadka says:

    I found it very effective and an innovative era getting and sharing ….chautari.

  2. It is the most important and full of information about ELT Teaching and its situation in Nepal and abroad as well.Therefore,I request to consult this resources and extend the capacity in language Teaching.

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